Skin care

AcoWe offer a wide range of high-quality pharmacy cosmetics. Come to us – our experts will be happy to help you find the right products that are perfectly suited to your skin type. Don’t forget that pharmacy cosmetics also make superb gifts. Ask us for more information.


The skin care range from ACO, a Swedish company, includes a wide range of products for cosmetic treatments, skin problems and personal hygiene. ACO’s range includes medicinal products and skin care products. Special products include acne, facial and body treatments. In addition, ACO has its own products for intimate hygiene and cleanliness, as well as the ACO Baby series for children’s skin care.

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The Avène skin care range was developed specifically for the needs of sensitive skin. The manufacturer is Pierre Fabre, a French company that is also known as a reliable pharmaceutical company. All Avène products are based on healthy Avène spring water, which has been famed for its soothing effect on the skin since the 18th century. Approximately 50 clinical studies have been published on the effects of Avène water. The number of allergenic raw materials has been minimised and all of the products have been subject to clinical tests supervised by dermatologists.

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The Favora skin care range from Finland is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. All the ingredients used are clean and safe, and the products do not include colourants or artificial fragrances. The products contain exceptionally large amounts of caring ingredients. It is important for the well-being of sensitive skin to cleanse gently, moisten effectively and use protective ingredients. The goal is for the skin to be in good condition and have strong defence mechanisms that enable it to recover more quickly from all of the stresses it is exposed to.

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La_roche_posayLa Roche-Posay

An expert in sensitive skin – recommended by more than 25,000 dermatologists. The most important principle of La Roche-Posay products is minimalism: the active ingredients are limited to the most simple but most effective combinations. All unnecessary ingredients have been eliminated to ensure that they do not disturb the balance of sensitive skin.

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The high-quality Skincode series from Switzerland includes two effective anti-aging skin treatment ranges: the Essentials range for men and women, which is free of fragrances and preservatives and is suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin, and the luxurious Exclusive range containing the revolutionary ingredient, ACR Complex G2, with a combination of peptides and a collagen booster that enhances the structure and moisture content of aging skin. The principle of the Skincode range is that the skin is a living organ and its genetic “code” must be respected.

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Vichy products, which contain spring water, are hypo-allergenic and do not block the pores. The products are produced by pharmaceutical manufacturers and are also tested on sensitive skin under the supervision of dermatologists. Vichy aims to prevent and correct physiological imbalances in the skin such as dryness on the surface of the skin, wrinkling and cellulite formation in tissue. Vichy respects ethical operating procedures, thereby guaranteeing product safety.

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