Kontulankaari Pharmacy provides each customer with individual, friendly service. Our skilled personnel can advise you on which products and medications to choose and guide you on how to use them.

It is worth becoming a Key Customer

As a Key Customer you will have access to numerous valuable benefits. Ask for more information at the pharmacy and take a look at the Avainapteekki website at

Comprehensive evaluation of medical treatment

A comprehensive evaluation of your medical treatment makes it safer to use medications. When the pharmacy can highlight overlaps and synergies between different medications, you will feel better and avoid unnecessary side-effects. After your medical treatment is evaluated you will receive a medication card containing information that will make it easier for your doctor to plan your treatment.

Additional pharmaceutical services are the responsibility of a head dispenser with a special qualification in comprehensive medication evaluation.

Pre-dosed medication

Pre-dosed medication can be particularly helpful in enabling elderly people to manage their everyday medication at home. Before pre-dosing begins, the customer’s overall medication plan is checked in consultation with the doctor.

We pack medicines into individual doses in the order in which they should be taken. Pre-dosed medicines are available in two-week sets. Pre-dosing costs EUR 8 per week. Ask for more information at the pharmacy.

Renewing prescriptions

Our pharmacy can renew prescriptions on your behalf over the phone. Electronic prescriptions can also be renewed, subject to certain conditions. Prescriptions can be renewed if they were issued less than a year ago and all of the medication has been taken. It may take a little longer to contact private physicians depending on their surgery hours. Medications that are approved for prescription renewal must be intended for chronic illnesses. We are unable to renew prescriptions for medications such as antibiotics and sleeping pills.

Disposal of waste medications

Expired or otherwise unused medications are classified as hazardous waste. Special procedures are required to dispose of them. Bring waste medications to the pharmacy and we will deliver them to the hazardous waste processing plant. This service is free of charge. You can dispose of your waste medications at the waste disposal point at the entrance of our pharmacy.

Dispose of medications as follows:

  • Remove tablets from their original packaging and place them in a transparent plastic bag
  • Keep mercury thermometers separate
  • Creams, aerosols and liquid medicines can remain in their own packaging
  • Keep medications containing iodine separate
  • Keep syringes and needles separate


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The pharmacy’s experts

Our skilled staff can advise you on selecting and using all pharmacy products.

The head dispenser’s qualification is a master’s degree and the pharmacist’s qualification is a bachelor’s degree. Head dispensers and pharmacists can guide customers on the correct use of prescription and self-care medication. In addition to the pharmacist-proprietor, Kontulankaari Pharmacy has two head dispenser and seven permanent pharmacists.

The technical assistants have pharmacy assistants’ qualifications from institutes of further education. They provide important assistance in the pharmacy’s service processes. Our pharmacy employs four permanent technical assistants.